Plunger Cooling Control


Adjusting plunger cooling

FlexIS Plunger Cooling Control PCC automatically adjusts the cooling of the plungers so that the desired temperatures are maintained.

FlexIS Plunger Cooling Control uses information from the TCS (Temperature Control System) or the BlankRadar. It gets the measured temperature values of the plunger surfaces and adjusts automatically the duration of the plunger cooling.

Depending on the machine type and configuration, up to 48 plungers are permanently monitored and adjusted to changes of surrounding parameters. This leads to more stable production runs and also prevents quality problems inside the container and finish.

Plunger inner middle outer temperatures are kept automatically at set point (example shown: AIS 12 section TG).

The automatic adjustment of the plunger cooling provides more process stability during production. It can prevent certain critical defects inside the container or finish. It acts as an early warner for hot plungers when the adjustment limit is reached.