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For its first-ever benefit-sharing deal Bucher Emhart Glass, provider of equipment for the glass container industry, has partnered with Thai manufacturer BG Container Glass. The enterprise will see both companies collaborate as partners to improve performance and share in the rewards.


In his first major interview since being appointed President of Bucher Emhart Glass 18 months ago, Matthias Kümmerle explains how he intends to continue the company’s focus on digital technology. He believes not only does digital technology improve a glass plant’s production efficiency but it can also help with the climate challenge.


Making a splash on the market, EMHART’s Smart Filter maximizes inspection performance in its offer of sidewall setup automation, using both static and production learning functions as it establishes optimal greyscale thresholds to fully inspect containers at the very highest levels of sensitivity.


Upon installing its new FlexRobot onto two of Vidroporto’s forming lines, Swiss glass manufacturing automation leader BUCHER EMHART GLASS continues with the Brazilian glassmaker to drive performance to the next level after an immediate uptick in both product quality and pack-to-melt ratio.


Bucher Emhart Glass, the leading provider of equipment for the glass container industry, has introduced a new Roller Bearing Neckring mechanism that offers glass container producers better efficiency, service life, and performance and reduce finish defects. 


Twenty years ago, detecting bird swings anywhere on a glass container was considered difficult. No system on the market could find all of the defects reliably. Glassmakers lived with this and managed the risks knowing that the automated inspection equipment installed on their lines could not get all of the defects. Today, if a machine cannot find all bird swings, it’s out.

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FlexRobot, Bucher Emhart Glass’ solution for automatic swabbing of IS forming machines, was developed through a major strategic partnership with Novaxion. Glass Machinery Plants & Accessories takes a look at the origins and progress of the collaboration.


Bucher Emhart Glass and Ergon Meccanica are strengthening their cooperation on high quality repairs and overhauls of glass forming machines.


With the continuing uncertainty of the global pandemic, ensuring the safety of customers and employees is the number one priority for Bucher Emhart Glass. It is for this reason that Bucher Emhart Glass made the decision not to participate in glasstec 2021. 


The continuously difficult global situation requires companies to think very differently and act very flexibly about how to do their business. The continuous focus on the health and safety for our customers and employees requires a few forward thinking strategic decisions.


Bucher Emhart Glass acquires Symplex Vision Systems (Symplex) based in Munich, Germany. The company will be integrated into Bucher Emhart Glass while assembly and engineering remain in Munich.