Flex Pressure System FPS


Optimized Pneumatic Process

The Bucher Emhart Glass FlexPressure System FPS is technology to optimize and program the pneumatic process function on the forming machine.

On the parison formation, FPS is a well accepted technology for plunger up control and plunger cooling / counterblow optimization. Always standard on the NIS machine the FPS technology is a standard option on IS/AIS machines. Latest application of this technology is on final blow and finish cooling.

New valve designs are now available to allow programmable FPS technology to be applied to the final blow. This allows for increases in productivity and quality.

With the FlexIS forming control the optimization of pressure profiles are job dependent and stored as part of the job set up data.

Features and Benefits
  • Automatic pressure control
  • Quick response to pressure changes
  • High air flow
  • Maximized cooling time and efficiency
  • 4 different pressures in one cycle
  • Tailored pressure for each process step
  • Job related setting
  • Testing and repair features
Valve Type Application
  • ED 02  Pilot for regulators
  • ED 07  Plunger up
  • ED 12  Counter Blow
  •              Plunger Cooling
  • ED 19  Final Blow
  •              Finish Cooling
  •              Settle Blow