Plunger Up Control


Adjusting plunger up motion

FlexIS Plunger Up Control PUC adjusts the plunger up motion in Press & Blow productions. The system takes care for having the cavity filled entirely with glass at the desired time.

The result of this continuous adjustment is a well maintained full contact time throughout the production run and across all cavities of the machine (see picture below – situation before and after switching on). Customers report that also the start up after a job change is greatly supported by the system – plunger up adjustment is automatically done within a few cycles.

  • FlexIS Plunger Up Control PUC is fully integrated into the FlexIS controls, stored in the job file
  • Uses FPS multi pressure pressing
  • Automatically adjusts FPS pressure levels and switch points between pressures according to press curve
  • PPC remote access through the FlexIS remote access system
  • Reduced complexity / better ease of use
  • Improved start up after job change
  • More regular plunger motion due to higher initial pressure levels
  • Keeps process steady / less variation, over time, from cavity to cavity, less stops, higher quality / pack rate
  • Optimal addition to FlexIS remote service. Experts can support remotely auditing real time PPC and Plunger Up closed loop.