Vision & Mission

Bucher Emhart Glass is a company with a rich heritage and a tradition of excellence that we are proud to continue today.

Current industry trends

Glass industry trends show a clear focus on carbon footprint issues - the industry needs to collaborate to ensure a sustainable future. This could lead to a preference towards non-returnable glass containers. Additionally, the glass industry observes a shift towards premiumization.

The challenges our industry faces

The industry challenges are very similar for all involved: Flexibility to address all market needs, Quality Requirements, Cost pressure, low efficiency rates, loss of know-how, higher safety requirements, sustainability aspects. 

Our Strategy

End to End is a direct response to these challenges. Our ambition is to make glass plants more competitive through advanced technology and support.The glass plant of the future will have production processes that would amaze the glassmakers of the past. Integrated equipment will document, analyze, and react to data automatically to ensure product quality and optimize operation. Products will be immediately traceable. Employees will be safer and more productive. And plant operations will run at peak efficiency to achieve optimum productivity and result in increased profitability.


Our vision is a world with glass as a dominant and preferred ecological packaging material, enabled by Bucher Emhart Glass as the leading solution provider.


We enable the glass container industry to become more competitive and sustainable through technology, and we support our partners in achieving highest performance.