Mold & Cavity Design


Bucher Emhart Glass supports the customer with mold & cavity modeling studies and on-site production assistance to optimize current and new glass container production.

Key targets / benefits

New mold design developments for new machine types    
New mold design developments for new containers / NNPB introduction     
Trouble shooting and optimization for existing containers: 

  • Reducing defects
  • Improving quality
  • Increasing performance: PTM %, cycle rates (bpm)    

Information about container, production and equipment as per “Information Input Form”

Included tasks & resources

Mold and cavity design services are performed by highly qualified and experienced specialists. 

A Bucher Emhart Glass production specialist provides production assistance on-site


Depending on the mold & cavity design package:

  • Table with optimal mold design setup
  • Report about glass thickness distribution
  • Mold equipment drawing set in pdf format, and in 3D format (step or iges) on request
  • Blank or Blow mold cooling analysis report