Gob Distributor and Delivery System

The gob distributor and delivery system on an IS machine receives the gobs after the shear cut, for delivery to the individual sections of the machine. The gob distributor moves the scoops with a high speed and accuracy to the entrance of the troughs in accordance with the firing order. The motion and the resulting dwell time of the scoops are important for a smooth transition of the gobs into the troughs. The Bucher Emhart Glass gob distributor has proven to be a very reliable and low maintenance mechanism. The reject system with both gob interceptor and center reject chute increases the safe operation of the machine.


The Bucher Emhart Glass delivery equipment covers a wide range of scoop, trough and deflector sizes to permit gob weights from a few grams to over 1 kilogram to be delivered correctly to the section.

535 Gob Distributor

  • Available in all configurations
  • Universal drive module with exchangeable distributor heads
  • Fast scoop motion up to 140 ms permitting in excess of 200 cuts / minute
  • Carbon plate gob interceptor
  • Center reject shoot
  • Redundant gob reject for increased safety
  • Constant cone delivery


  • Multi gob weight system

Constant Cone Delivery / Features and Benefits

  • Constant Cone trough angle for improved consistency in gob loading
  • Equal gob transition scoop-trough-deflector for less variation and improved gob loading
  • Delivery prepared for different center distances enables fast conversions from SG to DG TG and QG
  • Universal trough support covers all center distances for maximum flexibility in configuration
  • Fewer parts for faster back to pack
  • Robust deflector adjuster with less vibration for even gob loading