Gob Forming

Bucher Emhart Glass has perfected the process of gob forming to turn streams of molten glass into the shapes that will be molded into the finished container. Our complete product line includes feeders that offer wide operating ranges for simplified operation. Feeder deflectors are designed to ensure uniform, consistent, and repeatable gob guidance and delivery. Delivery and support systems provide precise alignment for smooth and centered gob transition into the mold which is essential for high ware quality. The spout system consists of an entire set of spout refractory components specially designed to promote optimum gob forming conditions.

Feeder System

Servo Feeder System

The Servo Feeder System offers the ability to improve production quality and customize the gob forming. The Feeder System includes the Feeder Plunger, Tube Height and Rotation and the Shear Mechanism as well as the optional Metering Spout System. The  Metering Spout features reduced servo tube sensitivity and improved thermal and weight varations. This degree of control with the servo-driven gob forming equipment reduces glass loss and optimizes feeder and shear performance. The Feeder System is available fully integrated into the FlexIS Process Control System and also as a standalone version interfaces with existing non FlexIS timing systems. 555 Servo Feeder

Gob Forming

Gob Distributor and Delivery System

The gob distributor and delivery system on an IS machine receives the gobs after the shear cut, for delivery to the individual sections of the machine. The gob distributor moves the scoops with a high speed and accuracy to the entrance of the troughs in accordance with the firing order. The motion and the resulting dwell time of the scoops are important for a smooth transition of the gobs into the troughs. The Bucher Emhart Glass gob distributor has proven to be a very reliable and low maintenance mechanism. The reject system with both gob interceptor and center reject chute increases the safe operation of the machine.

Delivery Suspension Support & Conversion