Emhart Glass offers the world’s most comprehensive product portfolio to the glass container industry, and this service extends long after the equipment has been supplied and taken into operation, over its entire lifetime.

The severe environment and 24-hour operations encountered in glass container production inevitably lead to equipment wear, and this in turn creates a demand for maintenance, which can include repair of components, mechanisms and the entire machine after a certain time in operation.

To support our customers' installed equipment around the world, Emhart Glass offers a complete range of repair services to suit individual customer circumstances, in order to maintain the low operating costs which are achievable with our equipment.


On-site - minor and standard repairs

  • New Replacement Parts
  • Repair / maintenance kits

Off.-site - minor and standard repairs

  • Individual repairs
  • Pool repairs

Why repair?

As a consequence of the state-of-art machining equipment and advanced hardening technologies utilized by Emhart Glass, the operating life of many components can now far exceed that in the past. Furthermore, intelligent control systems can protect mechanisms from damage. However this does not mean that maintenance can be neglected. Even if the machine continues to run into its old age, inevitably tolerances will be exceeded and production rates, downtime and pack rates will suffer. Taken together, these production losses will exceed the cost of maintaining equipment before it fails. Worn pneumatic parts cause substantial leakage, resulting in increased energy costs. Properly maintained equipment can significantly reduce this wastage, making an additional contribution to the positive return on investing in maintenance and repairs. To preserve the optimum cost-per-container standards, it is essential that equipment be maintained on a regular basis.