Plant Performance

The success of a glassmaking operation is dependent on many factors including the plant’s design, the efficiency and reliability of the production machines, the skill of the operators, and the maintenance of the line. Another key factor in the productivity of a glass plant is the plant’s relationship with the glass machinery supplier who can provide valuable support and expertise.

Production Performance

Green Field Projects

Bucher Emhart Glass has developed the internal capabilities to manage the development of a new glass container manufacturing facility from concept to final commissioning and transfer to the customer.

Production Performance

Upgrades & Repair Services

The highly aggressive conditions of a glass plant inevitably lead to wear on even the best-designed mechanical and electronic components. In some cases this damage can optimally be fixed by replacing the item with the latest version from the original supplier. In other cases, it makes economic and operating sense to overhaul the assembly, and restore it to as-new condition.

Production Performance

Brownfield Projects

The Brownfield Project will take place within the existing factory boundary and the full scope of the project is dependent on your individual requirements for the specific production footprint.

Production Performance

Line Optimization

Bucher Emhart Glass is able to document and optimise line operation throughout the production process with the technology supplied in both the glass container manufacturing and the inspection equipment.