Other Safety Features

Bucher Emhart Glass continuosly invests in making the operation of our machines safer. Here you can find information about our Gob distributor guard, Override switch protection, Safety flaps, Blowhead and blow mold interlock as well as the Conveyor ladder.

Gob Distributor Guard


Activating feeder, shear or gob distributor maintenance stop will retract the gob distributor. If an operator is working in the area where the gob distributor retracts, there is a risk of being hit by the gob distribut

Avoid hazard with gob distributor guard

The guard is designed to inform and hinder access to the dangerous zone. It is light and can be easily removed. The fasteners are attached to the guard.

Override Switch Protection


When an operator performs maintenance on a pneumatically operated IS section there is a risk that the override pneumatic switches on the valve block could be activated

Avoid hazard with protection guard for override switches

The U-shaped channel minimizes the risk of unintended activation of the override switches. The U-shaped channels are standard on the Bucher Emhart Glass pneumatic valveblock. They can be retrofitted on the 26 l EPVB.

Safety Flaps


When work is performed on both blank and blow sides of the IS section, there is a risk that the operator on the blank side could activate an override switch controlling a mechanism on the blow side. The operator on the blow side could be hit by the moving parts or get limbs crushed.

Avoid hazard with safety flaps

The EVPB valve block safety flaps alert the operator on the blank side about the risk of overriding mechanisms and risking the safety of an operator on the blow side. The safety flaps are available in different lengths for retrofit. On the standard Bucher Emhart Glass EPVB invert/revert, blowhead and blow molds are covered by the safety flaps.

Blowhead and blow mold interlock

Avoid hazard with blowhead & blow mold interlock

The blowhead & blow mold interlock gives the operator on the blow side of the machine control of the blowhead and blow molds. The switches lock the mechanisms in the up and open position and indicate the status of these mechanisms very clearly.


The operator on the blank side of the machine may mistakenly activate the movement of the mechanism on the blow side of the machine by activating blowhead or blow mold override switches when the section is in the maintenance stop. The operator on the blow side could get pinched or have limbs crushed.

Conveyor Ladder


Performing exchange of accessories on the blow side of the section requires that the operator leans over or has to climb over the flow of hot containers on the conveyor belt. There is a risk the operator will get burns performing this operation. The working position is ergonomically cumbersome.

Avoid hazard with conveyor ladder

The conveyor ladder is designed to enable easy and safe service on the blow side (mold halves, blowhead, blowhead arm, bottom plate, TO tong, and TO head change) by providing a robust ladder with a thermal insulated “tunnel” and integrated footstep to assist the maintenance work. FlexConveyor with steel girder has an integrated conveyor ladder.