Blank Side Barrier

The Blank Side Barrier BsB is an addition to Bucher Emhart Glass container forming machines that helps to provide additional safety during the forming operation.

  • During normal operation the barrier is in the up position. The visibility of operating mode of the section increases and the risk of reaching into the operating section is reduced
  • The up position of the BsB during normal operation will eliminate the risk of “swabbing on the fly” on the blank side of the machine, where the operator reaches into the running section to swab the blanks
  • The BsB, in conjunction with a swabbing cycle on the timing system (manually operated), helps to reduce risk while swabbing the blanks on the blank side of the IS machine. BsB will clearly indicate to the operator if a section is in swab cycle or not. The risk of swabbing a section which is not in swab cycle is eliminated
  • The up position of the BsB during normal stop will decrease the risk of an operator interacting with the section without activating the maintenance stop which is the only stop that allows the operator to interact with the machine
  • When the maintenance stop is activated (blank or blow side), the BsB is down and it will clearly indicate that it is safe to interact with the section