Mission and vision

Bucher Emhart Glass is the world's leading international supplier of equipment, controls and parts to the glass container industry. With broad-based expertise in glass container forming, glass conditioning, gob forming, ware handling, cold end inspection and quality assurance, the company's machines and systems are established as standard products worldwide. Bucher Emhart Glass also provides installation, training, production assistance, and maintenance related services.

One vision

Our vision is a world with glass as a dominant and preferred ecological material, enabled by Bucher Emhart Glass as the leading technology provider.

One mission

We support our customers in their quest for sustainable profitability, quality and increased market share in the packaging industry through our automation solutions.

Guiding Principles

  • Bucher Emhart Glass fosters an environment for personal development. Every employee's contribution is vital to the growth of our business
  • We provide our customers with solutions that exceed their expectations. We anticipate their future needs
  • We will maintain our leading position in the industry through continuous product innovation and excellence in service
  • We are committed to increasing shareholder value
  • Our products and services are designed to give our customers a superior return on investment
  • Our technology contributes to making glass containers an aesthetically attractive, economically competitive and ecologically sound choice
  • We are a truly global and multicultural organization